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There are two parts to the museum. The Glass Exhibition is located in the building on náměstí 3. května 37. The Ethnography Exhibition is in Běliště, in the conservation area of Železný Brod known as Trávníky.

Historie a současnost muzea Železný Brod

Glass Exhibition

In the timbered facade of Klemencovsko, there is a display documenting the nature of domestic glass production in the late 19th century, a time when a new way of making a living began to emerge from the neighbouring Jablonec region. In their cottages, glassmakers produced glass jewellery components cut on a grinding machine (klemprda) or twisted them at a bench with a kerosene lamp. The display includes examples of glassmakers’ equipment (glassmaker’s bench with burner, machines for making and grinding beads, tools) and final products.

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Národopisná expozice v muzeu Železný Brod

Ethnography Exhibition

Visitors can see exhibits documenting the geological development of the Železný Brod region with examples of the use of minerals mined in the area – slate, limestone and iron ore. There are also archaeological findings from the nearby Návarov Castle, samples of seals and copies of historical documents showing the historical development of the town. There is an old school classroom, articles from the guilds, a cobbler’s corner with spindles, shoe trees and other equipment. One of the rooms features a re-creation of a baker’s workshop with an oven, a bread bucket and paddle for making dough and, above all, a display of wooden, richly carved gingerbread moulds

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