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The Municipal Museum of Zelezny Brod

Slavnostní otevření

Grand Opening of the New Exhibition

The grand opening of the new glass exhibition of the Municipal museum will take place on 1 March 2024.

new exhibition

New Exhibition: The Visual Experience

Art glass objects only stand out in optimal lighting conditions.

Velikonoční trhy | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Exhibition of the LSD 2023 Sympozium.

The exhibition is open from 2 May to 13 September 2024 in the glass exhibition of the museum .

Cristal Hotel

An exhibition about the Cristal Hotel in Železný Brod and its eventful history.

Exponát měsíce | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Exhibit of the month

Necklace of coiled and cut beads from the company of Bohumil Mrklas from the 1930s.

Muzeum dětem | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Museum for children

The museum in Železný Brod also belongs to small visitors. We prepare interesting programs and events for children.

Dělat muzeum | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Making a museum

You can make a museum with us too. The museum is a living organism that lives for you and thanks to you.

Spojeno sklem | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Connected by Glass!

The essence of which is to strengthen the legacy of the tradition of artistic glassmaking in Žel.

Sthodo la skľenčinatar | Městské muzeum v Železném Brodě

Leporelo in the museum shop

Two brand new leporelas by a local author.

Tvorba internetových stránek | Jan Adamec