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Romani people and glass

We emphasize the objectivity of knowledge, so the history and attitudes of minorities are also important to us. Železný Brod is home to a large Romani community, about whose role in our region the museum until recently had virtually no information. That is why we conducted research on the topic of "Romani people in Železný Brod and glass" in the form of interviews. We managed to obtain information about the life of local Roma and their role in the process of glass production in Železnobrod, which we have summarised in the publication Železnobrodští Romové a sklo, which can be downloaded here. Our interest does not end with this research and in the future we want to continue to focus on the history, life and attitudes of local minorities.

In September 2022, the exhibition Poskládáno ze skla / Sthodo la skľenčinatar of glass paintings by Rudolf Dzurko took place. This original Roma artist worked not only on traditional Roma motifs, but also on motifs from his own life. Rudolf Dzurko's rare paintings were kindly lent to us by the Museum of Romani Culture, which is also a partner of the project. The opening of the exhibition was unforgettable for everyone present. The Vlastimil Rada Municipal Gallery has perhaps never been so lively. During the opening, the Romani dance group Bengale Manusha danced and Patrik Kotlár and Co. played for listening and spontaneous dancing.

Three workshops with glass topics were held, primarily for Roma children. The workshops were held in cooperation with the SUPŠS in Železný Brod and were led by experienced teachers. The children made Christmas decorations, painted on glass and worked with small glass shards. 


fotografie ze smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence
detail smutecniho vence II
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