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Bilateral cooperation

The project involves four Norwegian glass artists who gradually participate in a glass symposium - a summer glass workshop, which takes place every September in cooperation with the Secondary School of Art and Industry in Železný Brod. In 2021, the LSD (Summer Glass Workshop) was attended by Jeanne-Sophie Aas, who is also the PR manager of the project in Norway. During the glass symposium she realized several objects made of crystal glass with unusual optical decors. She surprised us with the breadth of her craft skills. She spent a week in Železný Brod. Apart from the symposium, she participated in many glass events. As soon as she arrived in Železný Brod, she went straight to the opening of the exhibition X. year of the glass symposium organized by our museum, the next day she went to the Glass Fair in Kristiánov, visited the Lhotský studio and so on. In Norway, she helped to spread the fame of the Iron and Brod glass.

Three Norwegian glass artists have already participated in LSD 2022. In addition to J.S. Aas, they were Ida Siebke and Kjersti Johannessen. Ida enriched our glass artists with new technology in the realization of her artwork. Kjersti created objects, the essence of which stood out afterwards in the cutter's workshop. The Norwegian artists took a study tour of the glass workshops in Železný Brod and presented their artistic concepts and approaches during the evening lectures.

It is already certain that there is a close link between the Železný Brod and Norwegian glass communities. We see a future in the international promotion of the Municipal Museum in Zelezny Brod.


We also took a study trip to Norway. It lasted five days and we returned enriched with a new perception of the approach to museum management and promotion. We were greatly enriched by a conversation with the director of the New Munch museet in Oslo, Mr Stain Olav Henrichsonn. We got a glimpse under the hood of the Oslo glassmakers and strengthened our mutual professional relationship. At the Norwegian Folk Art Museum (Norsk Folkmuseet) we were inspired by modern approaches to presenting ethnography.



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